четверг, 8 апреля 2010 г.

Social media for social changes

During the one and a half year of participating in DOTCOM project I have learned a lot about social media and how it can be used for social changes. Here is an example of it. Some weeks ago AM DOTCOMers decided to organize trainings about web2.0 tools for sharing our knowladge with Armenian studens. As we all were very busy we made our presentations by the help of online tools. As a result of it we successeded because most of them realized that social media can be useful for them. Some of them decided to make their own account in some social webs such as Facebook, Youtube, blogs etc.

четверг, 29 октября 2009 г.

Fast food kills (by Nare Zakaryan)

Card#1 Everybody knows that being so fat is not healthy!

Card#2 Reason!

Card#3 Fast food!

Card#4 Stop!

Card#5 Lets think about our future!

Card#6 Danger! Fast food kills!

Card#7 Healthy living!

суббота, 26 сентября 2009 г.

Reflecting on DOTCOM, Phase 2

1. What proved the most challenging part of our July Phase 2 DOTCOM experience for you?

The most challenging part of our July experience was the first day, because I knew that all DOTCOMers will stay at Huntsman’s house except me and three DOTCOMers. I wanted to stay with my friends and it was a little bit hard to leave that house, but then I understood that it was very interesting to be with Emily and my host family. It was so funny to play with little David. Now I miss that days and want to see them again.

2. What proved the most rewarding part of our July Phase 2 DOTCOM experience for you?

The most rewarding part was the film night. We were so excited cause after the long discussions we finally finished our work and that day we showed a result and got applauses and congratulations for our hard work!!!

3. What proved the most fun part of our July Phase 2 DOTCOM experience for you?

I can’t forget the day of canoe. Marine, Sona and me were aboard and suddenly our canoe turned round in the middle of lake. We fell down in water. Marine couldn’t swim and started to shout. Her jeans, T-shirt, jacket were all wet. Finally we got out of water and started to laugh. It was so funny that I will never forget.

4. What are you most excited about, looking forward to our online Phase 3 DOTCOM experience coming up this fall?

Now I’m sure that we can make a lot of new films sharing a lot of different problems in the world. I don’t know we will see each other after March or not but I’m sure that we always will stay friends and will always remember these days.

Here is my funny photo…

воскресенье, 14 июня 2009 г.

My Top Three Reel Action Themes

1. Gender issues

This is a very interesting theme because the reason of many problems is distinction of gender. I think the rights of man and women must be the same. Men think that women can’t understand or do everything they can but I think this is only a stereotype. Of course men and women are different and think different ways, but in any case they must be equal in their rights. This is a great theme for discussion.

2. Peace/war/conflict

The goal of the world is peace and we all try to do everything for peace of our country. We are all ready to give everything for our peace. But every person has her/his imagination and understanding of peace… People have different opinion about same things and they have dofferent values... And here is where conflict and war come from. It is not easy to get peace without conflicts. We need to know how to solve conflicts!!!

3. Media

Media is an important thing for all of us. The connection of countries, people and all over the world is media. We use it every day in every step. There are many types of media: television, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet etc. I’d like to make short film about this theme because media plays an important role in our life.

понедельник, 13 апреля 2009 г.

Module #7

First of all I want to say that this program is really very interesting. I found new surroundings, new friends, learned a lot about media, contacted with foreigners, had opportunity to meet professionals in media sphere and ask them questions.

1. I think the most exciting part of DOTCOM phase 1 was module #5 (Techniques of Persuasion). I did it with great pleasure. It was about things we see/use every day. It was very interesting and very useful for our future.
2. The most challenging part of DOTCOM phase 1 was searching videos. It took me hours to find videos I would like most.

3. During these few months AM participants met for several times. We communicated also online and became good friends. I would be happy if foreign participants could be more active in their responses to our comments and questions. I believe that DOTCOM participants of all three countries could be closer and could achieve more, if online communication is more active.

This little boy is my nephew. He loves this cartoon very much and every time dances while watching it. This time he could hardly watch it. I LIKE this video.

суббота, 4 апреля 2009 г.

Competition of posters

Few days ago a competition of posters has been announced in our school. The theme of the posters was famous singer Charles Aznavour. We had few days to prepare our poster. We found notes of his songs, his photos and biography in Internet. First we painted notes with tea bags, then added drops of iodine and then burnt a little to give an old impression to those pages. We made CDs with his photos etc. AND WE WON!!! We took the FIRST place!

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

суббота, 28 марта 2009 г.

Module #5

This video influences our Limbic and Neocortex brains. Limbic – because it is a pleasure for us to see all these famous people in the video. And Neocortex – because we listen to the message of the actors, think about their “advice” and then we read the web site addresses (and will probably register).

– There are lots of people involved in the video and in the end they all say that they will vote. It makes us want to be in the group and it persuades us to vote.

– The main question of the commercial is like “Do you care about our future?” It makes us to think about the answer, which brings to the result that we need to vote.

FEAR – When we watch this video we understand that if we do not vote it will NEGATIVELY influence our future: education, economy etc. and it makes us feel the fear and vote.

- All “participants” of the video are famous and respected people and of course we will trust them and will be sure that voting is important.

– Even the name of this video is “Do NOT vote”, though its aim is to make people vote. While saying “don’t vote” they manage to explain that it is better to vote.

– This video is not funny, but it has humor, especially in the last few seconds.